Welcome to Val’s Garden!

My garden has been a life long gardening endeavour and is celebrated for its scope, variety of garden “rooms,” and charming rural setting.

There have always been visitors to my garden, even in the old days when there really wasn’t much to see. I was astonished and a little humbled to look back at photos of people pausing beside a semicircular dug out, gazing at the lonely zinnias. Although it needed many more years of work, I already saw the Mediterranean Garden in all its glory. My good-natured garden guests would kindly go along with my vision of what wasn’t there – yet.

Thirty-odd years later, with all the rusty cars, discarded shingles, and abandoned refrigerators hauled away… Trees planted, hedges cultivated, garden areas carved out, a lake dug… This garden, my passion, has become a beautiful work of art. It is my masterpiece, rather grand, an epic poem, and a delight to behold.

As my garden grew and evolved, so too did my business. In addition to working on my own garden, I also offer gardening services to help other people create their own outdoor space to enjoy. Feel free to browse my website to learn more and contact me with any questions.

Gardening Services

My many years of gardening have helped me become an ultimate gardening practitioner. I’m a Master Gardener (2004) with first-hand knowledge of world class gardens in England. I can help you create the vision you have for your garden.