Gardening Services

What a joy it is to share another gardener’s toil. I love to help create a new garden, rejuvenate a tired space or rescue an overgrown area.

I’m a Master Gardener (2004) with 40 years of gardening experience and firsthand knowledge of world class gardens in England.

  • My rates for consultation are $25 per hour or $100 for unlimited gardening advice.
  • My rates for hands-on gardening are $25 per hour. I will do weeding, edging, planting, dividing, trimming etc.
  • I can help you figure out how to downsize your garden or make your garden more manageable.
  • I can help envision a complete garden area.

Here are examples from my garden of some of my areas of expertise:

Fall Colour

Finding a View

Focal Points

Specimen Trees


Water Features

Sitting Areas

Grand Statements

Colour Combinations

Garden Structures


Adding Height