Moongate Gifts offers a variety of carefully curated gifts

I’m in love with everything in my shop. It’s either beautiful to look at, lovely to smell, fabulous to wear or wonderful to give to someone. I can, and do, spend hours there in the atmosphere of generous joy, vibrant colour and sensual shapes.


Large bowls, mugs and interesting pit fired pieces from Pat Farquhar (Spruce Woods Pottery). Distinctive glazes make Pat’s pottery unique.

Handmade Soaps

Beautifully scented, organic soaps from Kogi Naturals, made in Chemainus, BC.

Jewelry, Etc.

A carefully curated selection of jewelry, vases, greeting cards and other gift wares.

Framed Art, Prints, Photography

An exciting range of framed fine art, vintage prints, and photographs.

Garden Obelisks

If you’re looking for a garden focal point or adding vertical interest, the answer might be a hand crafted cedar obelisk. (Proceeds from sale of these go to

Steel Plant Supports

Perfect for supporting peonies, hydrangeas or roses these hand crafted sturdy rolled steel plant supports are a perfect enhancement to any garden. (Proceeds from the sale of these go to